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  •  At Bristol Orthotics and Prosthetics we pride ourselves on using the latest in technology while embracing the craftsmanship used for generations. New advanced techniques in casting and capturing the amputated limb shape, along with new ways of shaping and fitting the limb, have made life more comfortable, convenient, and better on the skin. Since the majority of our amputees are a result from diabetes or other vascular problems, skin care is our utmost concern. Below are some types of systems we use to care for the skin as well as make life easier when wearing a prosthetic limb:


-Gel Interface against the skin to protect the skin and add comfort as well as holding the prosthesis on.‌•

‌-Pin Locking Systems for security and convenience of putting on and taking off the prosthesis.
-Suction Sockets for the most intimate fit.
-Elevated Vacuum Sockets for maintaining volume, reducing skin problems, and healing wounds.
-Carbon Fiber for weight-saving and energy-return.
-Computerized Knees and Feet for allowing a more fluid gait pattern.
-Powered Upper Limb Prostheses for adding fine motor skills to daily living.
‌-Custom Cosmetic Finishing to allow the patients to be apart of the design process.

  • We work to educate and inform you each step of the way so that you are part of the team-approach in making your prosthesis. 



  • We also offer a wide range of custom and off-the-shelf orthotic devices that blend both modern materials and old world craftsmanship.  All of these types of materials can be of value depending on the need for your orthotic device.


  • Below are some of the designs and materials we use to deliver the exact item that suits your needs.

•Carbon Fiber and Kevlar custom made and pre-made devices for better energy return and lighter weight.
•Plastic, Metal, and Leather Devices that are more traditional but have their place still today based on your needs.
•Pre-made Orthotic Devices, or "off the shelf " devices, sized by a measurement when simpler items are needed.
‌•Spinal Bracing for various pathologies such as: Scoliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Compression Fractures, Back Pain, etc.
‌•Soft Goods: wrist and ankle splints, various knee braces, walking boots, surgical shoes, etc.
•Contracture Control Products for post-surgery, after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or dementia-related illnesses.
•Rehabilitation Bracing to aid in the healing process following an injury or surgery.

  • Each orthotic device we provide is designed for your comfort, mobility and safety in mind. We choose the correct item based on an order from your physician and work with your health care team to provide you the very best care.


Diabetic Footwear

  •  Bristol Orthotics and Prosthetics treats thousands of patients each year dealing with diabetes and its effects. Through wound care, office visits, and preventative care, we see most of our patients after a problem arises. Using diabetic footwear such as shoes and inserts is a great way to prevent or prolong skin breakdown and amputation. We are beginning to see the positive effects of catching wounds before they become an amputation.

  • We take impressions of each patient's feet to fabricate custom inserts, which further ensures a great recovery, or better yet prevent a wound from happening. We use custom molded shoes, bracing, custom inserts, and extra depth diabetic shoes to prevent wounds or other skin issues from beginning.


  • In addition to preventing diabetic ulcerations, diabetic foot wear is also beneficial in accommodating foot deformities such as: hammertoes, bunions, Charcot, Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, Edema, etc.



  • Our mastectomy consultants are certified and credentialed to take care of your needs both before and after surgery, whether it be a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Whether you are fitted with a breast prosthesis, bra, or other type of garment, our professional staff take to heart what they do.

  • Post-Mastectomy Surgical Camisoles are designed specifically for patients who are recovering from mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures. 

  • We offer various styles of off-the-shelf breast prostheses such as silicone forms, foam forms, and swim forms.

  • We use various brands of mastectomy bras in order to best suit your needs and comfort.

  • Many women have returned to us for years because of the relationship our practitioners have created with them. This is a difficult time to face and we want to be there for you as you recover, and in the years to come!



  • Our practitioners work with the Physical and Occupational Therapists at the local school systems to aid in caring for our little ones. 


  • We specialize in providing various types of prosthetic and orthotic care such as:

-Upper and Lower Limb Prostheses for Traumatic and Congenital Limb Differences.

-Lower Limb Orthoses (SMOs, DAFOs, KAFOs, custom orthotics) for diagnoses such as spasticity, Cerebral  Palsy, hypotonia, foot/ankle instability, etc.

-Custom Spinal Orthoses for Adolescent/Juvenile/Idiopathic Scoliosis and Trunk Instability.

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